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Little Extras

1 May

Those little extras, those finishing touches. All those little, personal details that make your wedding uniquely you and special. Those are what I am scrambling to complete and we are now in the month of May. Mere DAYS before the wedding really. A couple weeks ago my Maid of Honor, Bonnie, came over and we got started on the wedding favors.

For favors, Colin and I decided to stick with our garden theme. We bought a bunch on mini clay pots for a mere 69 cents at our local Michael’s. To match our floral decor, we chose oranges, purples, and pinks/fuschias to paint the little tiny pots to give them some fun color. Inside each pot we put a little bag of seeds for our guests to plant in their own gardens at home. I purchased these seeds from American Meadows and got a great deal by purchasing them all in bulk! Each bag of seeds roughly came out to around 12 cents each. Once the seeds were added to the pots, each was covered with a little bit of tulle and finished off with a bright colored ribbon to match. On each favor, we attached a little label that has our names and the date and reads “Watch Our Love Blossom.” The labels were purchased from My Own Labels, and ended up being about 84 cents each!

In total each of the favors ended up being about $1.65 each! Not too shabby, since favors can sometimes cost a hell of a lot more. I am really happy with the way they came out. They are a great personal touch and they really go well with the overall theme of our wedding. I am about halfway done with making them so far. Time to get going on the rest!

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride