The Essential Bride Freak Out

28 Mar

As we approach the two month mark away from the wedding, my anxiety levels have skyrocketed to an all-time high. I know I am in amazing shape as far as wedding things are concerned. I have booked all of my vendors, invitations have been sent, family members from afar have made or are making their necessary arrangements. So why am I so worried? The answer is:


Normally, I am such a deep sleeper that I often can’t remember a majority of my dreams, but lately I have been remembering every single dream I have been having; all of them pertain to the wedding. They, of course, often concern various aspects of the wedding not going according to plan. For example, one such dream had the DJ cancel on us right before the wedding and everyone who showed up looked really bored and just ended up staring awkwardly at each other until they all left early because they were having such an awful time. In another dream, only about 20 out of our possible 200 guests showed up to our wedding. We have so much food that we couldn’t eat and there were so few people, it was too awkward to dance.

Upon waking, I feel a tightness in my chest that lingers until I finally am awake enough to realize the wedding is still months away and nothing of the sort has even happened yet. I am sure every bride has a certain amount of anxiety they feel as the wedding approaches, but infecting my dreams like this is unacceptable!

Months of planning and spending every waking moment plotting and focusing on every aspect of this one night is certainly stressful. I honestly have enjoyed it all, but now I just hope everyone else will. I always have similar worries about birthday parties and other events I have planned. I often find I am unable to enjoy myself because I am too worried about whether or not everyone else is enjoying themselves. I guess that comes with the territory of being a hostess, but I am hoping my extensive planning will allow me to enjoy my special day and to not go into panic attack mode.

With 72 days left until the wedding let’s hope for no more anxiety dreams!

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride



15 Mar

They are addressed and ready to go. This is it. The official invite to the wedding. We have planned, saved, organized, cried, laughed and worried over this day….and now it is time to get people here to help us celebrate and enjoy! The invitations are on their way, and now we get to anxiously wait as the RSVPs come rolling in.

Colin and I actually had a lot of fun making our invitations. Initially, I was frustrated looking through the countless invites I saw online. Some of them were OK, but I was not able to make them as personalized as I wanted. Also, some of them were ridiculously expensive! I still can’t believe how much people charge for invitations. It’s paper. Very pretty paper, yes, but still just paper. As I browsed through several different invitation templates, it was my Maid of Honor, Bonnie, who managed to find the perfect template for us to use. While Bonnie was browsing for wedding ideas she stumbled accross this FREE template on the side by side blog. They also have many other free templates you can use and personalize yourself.

The invites go great with our decor theme for the wedding. We’ve used mason jars for lanterns, candle holders on the tables and as vases for our center pieces, so these invites just completed the picture. When it came to printing them, Colin just used iPhoto to edit each card personally and actually just ended up purchasing them from the iTunes store. Did you know you could print cards through there? I certainly didn’t, but Colin, who works for Apple, of course knew this himself. So we managed to order them and have them printed and shipped to us for a really reasonable price.

Tomorrow, they all go in the mail! It’s time! Time to find out who is coming! Though, this also leads to the one part of the wedding planning that I have been dreading. Seating charts. Blech!

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride


27 Feb

The best part about getting married, aside from the fact that you are getting married, is the honeymoon! The ultimate romantic vacation that jumpstarts your life together with the one you love. Some people seek adventure and excitement, others seek relaxation and solace, some seek out a mixture of both! Colin and I both suffer from severe cases of wanderlust, so picking a place to vacation was actually really difficult for us. There are very few places in this world we don’t want to go, so we needed to really sit down and decide what we wanted to do.

Originally Colin and I had planned on going to New Zealand for our honeymoon. We are the adventurous types, and would have loved to have seen all that the amazing landscape New Zealand has to offer, but there was one downside of picking this destination for our honeymoon. Because New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, Winter would be just beginning around the time of our wedding and we would have to wait around 4 months before we could travel there. And who wants to wait 4 months after you are married to go on your honeymoon if you can help it? No one! That’s who!

Also, after our European adventure, where we were running around all over the place, we kind of wanted to go somewhere we could really relax. I asked Colin, “Is it bad that I kind of want to go to a place where someone can bring me a drink on the beach?” His response “Not at all.” Which is pretty much the best answer I could have hoped for. So Colin and I started to explore more exotic locales: ¬†Belize, Costa Rica and the Virgin Islands before finally settling on Hawaii. I know. How cliche, but it is cliche for a reason. I mean the place is unfairly beautiful and really has it all. Adventure, relaxation and beauty.

As for which island to pick, we took a lot of different suggestions and tossed them all around. We thought about going island hopping and seeing two or three different islands on our trip, but decided that wouldn’t help us relax so much, so we decided to just stick to one island, the Big Island. The actual Island of Hawaii. So we booked our flights and found the most amazing Bed and Breakfast to stay in called the Holualoa Inn, just South of Kona, Hawaii. The Big Island really does have it all. Volcanoes, zip lines, beaches, snowy mountain tops, rainforest and even a little bit of desert. I am already in the process of organizing an itinerary for us. Of course we are going for the much needed down time, but the call to adventure can’t go ignored for too long. ūüôā

I am ridiculously excited to our honeymoon. Our first trip as a married couple. The trip where we will get to meet people and introduce ourselves as husband and wife. Also, there will be a lu’au and many many Mai Tais. What’s not to be excited about?

A little over 3 more months to go!

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride


14 Feb

It’s been a while since I have updated, I know, but there hasn’t been a ton to report. Having pretty much booked all the important vendors for our wedding, things have been pretty mellow on the wedding front. This is both good and bad. Good because it is wonderful having all of the big aspects of the event planned, bad because I am terrified I am forgetting something. I have had so few hiccoughs throughout the planning process that I keep waiting for that terrifying moment where some unforeseen catastrophe occurs. My “bridezilla” moment. Fingers crossed I don’t actually have that moment, but I am anticipating the possibility.

Now, for the real update. This past week, Colin and I managed to purchase the plane tickets for his family to come out for the wedding. They all live across the country in Vermont, and this will be the first time his whole family will be in California together. He is really excited to have them all here. He has been plotting and planning all the things he wants to do with them while they are here, aside from having them at our wedding, of course. There are a good number of them coming who have never actually been to California before, so hopefully it is an exciting experience for them also.

Also, in the past week, my bridesmaid’s dresses have all been ordered. Initially, I wanted my bridesmaids to pick their own dresses, so long as the color was black. I figured they knew what would look good on themselves better than I ever would. But they, being the wonderfully unpicky women they are, all ended up liking the same dress anyway. So they each ordered a black dress and I assigned them with a bright colored sash that will match the flowers I chose. So I guess, in a way, I do now have a color scheme of sorts. My ladies are also going to find some fun, brightly colored shoes to match their color sash. I think they are going to look really amazing and fun. I can’t wait for them to arrive. Here is the dress we ended up choosing, in black obviously:

And last, but certainly not least, I ordered my wedding ring yesterday. Or, at least, what I hope to be my wedding ring. I am going to wait for it to arrive and try it out for a bit and make sure it is really the one. I am almost positive I am going to love it, but I want to see how it looks with my engagement ring to make sure. It is a little different than the one I originally selected, but I think it should compliment my engagement ring nicely.

All in all, things are coming along nicely. I am having a few freak out moments when I think about how close the wedding is. I can’t believe the time is almost here. I am so excited. Only a few more months to go!

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride

Cake Tasting

19 Jan

Last night, Colin and I drove down to San Jose to go cake tasting. We were both excited, as this is one of the last things we needed to get for our wedding! We met several bakers, but none came as highly recommended as Cake Expressions. They had a great relationship with our wedding coordinator, and have done work at our venue for over 20 years! Also, like a lot of the vendors we have chosen, they are recommended by The Knot as one of the best wedding cake vendors in the bay area. With reviews like that, we had to go and check them out.

Upon arriving at the cake shop, we were greeted and immediately given a very large plate of different cakes to sample. I am not sure if it was a good idea or a bad idea to go cake tasting before we had our dinner, but it certainly was delicious. We tasted a wide variety of cakes while we were there; everything from a simple vanilla cake to the more exotic mango flavors. All of them were so delicious and had all these wonderful fillings that it was really difficult to choose. We had so many favorites, but we did decide on a tuxedo cake. It has a layer of chocolate and vanilla cake, and it will have a delicious raspberry filling. We are also getting a delicious white chocolate fondant on top of it all. As far as the overall design goes, we didn’t want anything too ornate. We didn’t need a cake in the shape of anything crazy, but we decided on a lovely French filigree design on our three tier cake. On the bottom of each tier, there will be a different color fondant ribbon that will match the different colors of flowers we will have at the wedding. Our cake should look something similar to this:

Wedding Cake

After the cake tasting, we officially ordered our cake. The price was great and the cake was delicious, why waste time right? I honestly can’t believe that we have everything ordered! Our wedding is officially planned! Now we just need to finish up those little details; favors, decor, etc. and we will have a wedding!

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride

Flowers Flowers Flowers

5 Jan

Last night, my mother and I went to meet with a florist, Nona at Floral Design Studio. Originally, I had wanted to do the flowers myself, but as our guest list grew and grew I became worried about the level of stress and lack of time I would have in the days before the wedding. The vision of wilting flowers and dying centerpieces scared me enough into considering a florist to help me out. Now, with a little over 5 months left to go, it is time to get these final vendors in place and make sure the vision Colin and I have for our wedding will come to fruition.

For our wedding, Colin and I wanted to keep it simple. We didn’t want these huge, ornate centerpieces that would completely block the person sitting across from you. Makes it difficult for light table conversation. I didn’t have a set color scheme going into this, as my bridesmaids are wearing adorable little black dresses with bright shoes, but I knew I wanted it to be bright and fun. We are getting married in early June, which is nearly Summer, ¬†so we have ¬†many flowers in many colors to choose from.

As far as centerpieces go Colin and I wanted to keep things simple. Rustic, but elegant. I found that stumbleupon was a great resource to use for wedding ideas, and when I brought some of these ideas to the florist she absolutely loved them! She also offered up some tips to give them a little something extra. For the past few months family and friends have been collecting and hoarding wine bottles for me to help with creating the centerpieces. Drinking wine for the cause! Sacrificing their sobriety for the sake of my wedding! What I really liked about these wine bottle centerpieces was the overall simplicity and the height that it added. I would want one of these on each table coupled with two different size mason jars, one pint and one half pint, and use those as vases for the other flowers. As far as the types of flowers, we are using a wide range. The bridesmaids are all having a different color bouquet that will match the bright colored shoes they will be wearing. The colors we have chosen are a bright red/orange, magenta and a dark purple.¬†And the flowers in the centerpieces will be a mixture of all of these so they will be extra bright and extra fun. It’s a garden weddings, so why not have as many flowers as possible? Right? We are doing a smaller version of the mason jar idea for the ceremony chairs. Also there is going to a be a bright, beautiful garland that will be draped through the gazebo at the ceremony site. We are working with the florist and providing a lot of the materials ourselves. She really loved all of the ideas and was really excited to work with us. She showed us pictures from similar projects she has worked on before, and they truly were great! They may not be the most elaborate, but they are very us, and we are excited to work on them.

While we spoke with Nona, we went over other details for the wedding also. My bouquet, what the parents and groomsmen will wear, and gave us a quote for it all. I held my breathe and shot nervous looks over at my mom as the totals were coming together, hoping silently to myself that it would come out under my budget. Thankfully it did and I was able to bring that good news to Colin. We have not officially booked her yet, but I am going to give her a call in the next few days to sort out the deposit.

One more thing checked off that list. I think there are more things done at this point than not. My wedding is almost all planned. I can’t believe it.

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride


6 Months To Go

8 Dec

With 6 months left until our wedding, Colin and I met with our wedding coordinator, Leann, who is helping us plan our event at Palmdale Estates. Last night we met with her to go over the basics and get a time line set up. We also locked in a few little extras we want in order to make our wedding extra personal and extra special.

During this visit with Leann, Colin and I finally solidified our menu! We decided to do things buffet style as far as dinner goes. We both liked the idea of people actually selecting the items they want to eat  instead of people stuck with a set plate. Sure you can give them a choice of beef or chicken and have it served to them, but I just like the idea of people taking what they actually want to eat. Some people might want a larger serving, some people might want less. Doing things buffet style will allow for both. Serving the food this way also tends to cut cost a little bit, and every little bit helps when you are planning a wedding. The menu for what is served and what is in the buffet is not all that much different anyway! For dinner,  Colin and I decided on a mixed green salad with pears to start, and a cajun penne pasta dish for all of those vegetarians in our lives.  For the main course we are serving a lemon-caper salmon and a chicken marsala. The meal will also have mixed steamed vegetables, rice pilaf and of course breads as our side dishes. There will also be appetizers of fruits, cheeses and breads while the guests wait for dinner to be served.

As far as the bar choices go, Colin and I have already purchased and unlimited wine, beer and champagne package. Our venue has a really great connection with a local alcohol retailer who will give us a great deal on alcohol for the evening! It will really be nice to not have to worry about our bar running dry halfway through the evening. That certainly would not do! In addition to the wine, beer and champagne, Colin and I are going to bring our own signature cocktail to our party! I have found a lot of really great recipes, but I think a good rum punch is our current favorite. Most venues have a corkage fee if you bring you own alcohol, but our venue has no such rule, which is just awesome.

In addition selecting our food and drink choices, Colin and I worked out a floor plan of the whole facility with Leann. I don’t know what I would do without this great woman! With her help we planned out where we would be sitting, where our guests would be sitting and where we are going to stage the cake. We even set up an area for a little lounge for people to rest when they need a break from the dancing. I will have to work on making some cute pillows for that area!

While we were finishing up the paperwork, we also decided it would be best to hire a ceremony coordinator for our event. Her name is Lindsey, and she is going to help make our ceremony wonderful by keeping all of the guests and wedding party where they are supposed to be and keep things on schedule. This will take a load of worry off of my mind on the big day.

It is all beginning to feel surreal. So many of my plans are now coming to fruition. There are really only two other vendors I really need to lock down and then we are basically done! The rest is just small details. Renting suits and tuxedos will feel like such small potatoes in comparison to what we have already done. We have a wedding! Six more months to go….I just can’t believe it!

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride