Business Time

16 Apr

Not all aspects of the wedding planning is fun. Though I wish it was all cake tasting and crafting, there are official things that need to be done in order for the wedding to actually take place. Things that involve government buildings and paperwork. Now as we are getting so close to the actual wedding date and the RSVPs are rolling in, it’s time to get more down to business.

Colin and I recently went down to the county clerk’s office to get our marriage license. I wanted to get this done as early as possible because  I just had an image of myself the day before the wedding, running around like a crazy person trying to fit in all these important last minute details. I am sure I will still be doing that, but I am hoping my business plan will help keep things in order and less stressful. We did manage to get our marriage license all settled and ordered enough copies of it to make the name changing transition a bit easier on me. My dear friends who have gotten married before me told me to get several copies, that way it would speed up the process.

Also, I have been shopping around for rehearsal dinner venues, and we finally decided on a location for that as well. Now it’s just a matter of selecting a menu for the evening and making sure people are going to be well fed and happy.

And least fun of all is setting up my final meetings with the vendors. The meetings where we go over all the details again and again and make sure our visions match. Of course this is also when I start forking over all the checks, which might be the most painful part. Colin and I have been living on a strict budget in order to save for this wedding, and watching it all our hard-earned money leave our bank account in large chunks is going to be painful. But hopefully this will mean our wedding will be beautiful, and everyone will have a wonderful time.

Keep the RSVPs rolling in people. I am ready for you.

Much Love,

The Bumbling Bride

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